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Digging for Treasures at Anthropologie

Imagine the sense of wonder you feel when you discover something you’ve never encountered before, like the first time you touched cashmere or bouclé, or the day you noticed the intense, fiery rainbow of colors hidden in an opal. This is what you’ll experience when you shop at Anthropologie, a store which can touch every facet of your life with an exclusive — yet nicely priced –  selection of clothing, shoes, furniture and home decor, accessories, gifts and more.

Depending on your personal style, you might approach Anthropologie as a way to completely rework your wardrobe or entirely redecorate your home, or you may prefer to add subtle surprises here and there with accent pieces and accessories; Anthropologie makes it easy to do either one.

Here’s one example of the unexpected treasures you’ll find: the From-the-Waves Shower Curtain is made from machine-washable cotton, and it’s on sale for $69.95, over 40% off the original price. An aqua-printed voile of waves laps at branches of appliquéd tree coral growing in a sea of tiny flowers. This lovely curtain could the focal point in your bathroom, and if you draw out one or two colors to decorate the rest of the room, you will create a magical oasis for your guests.

Anthropologie - From-the-Waves Shower Curtain

From-the-Waves Shower Curtain

Since I’m following the soft lines of the shore today, I also wanted to share some of Anthropologie’s clothing with you, specifically this Wind Catcher Dress made from linen and cotton. It features a crisscrossed fold in the bodice, side pockets, a soft golden sash and a metallic pattern in the skirt that reminds me of the glitter of a sandy beach. It also happens to be 46% off the regular price, making it a terrific buy, and just in time for summer vacation.

Anthropologie - Wind Catcher Dress

Wind Catcher Dress

Add the delicate, dangling flowers of the Gilded Lace Earrings, 3.25 inches long in 22k gold for only $29.95 (again, on sale, this time for 38% off) to carry the sparkle through your outfit.

Anthropologie - Gilded Lace Earrings

Gilded Lace Earrings

Anthropologie also has hats to protect you from the sun, plus scarves, headbands, barrettes and other hair accessories. There’s a lot to see here; the hidden gems for your home include furniture, dinnerware and many decorative items, as well as plenty of beautiful choices for yourself from head to toe. Their weekly emails give you the first look at their newest collections and the latest dish on special events and promotions, and you can request a free catalog if you’d like to browse their store while you’re not online.

If you’re not ready to buy today, I strongly recommend setting up a Wish List at Anthropologie; with birthdays and other holidays on the way, you’ll want to be prepared to share these special treasures with your friends!

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