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Looking Lovely with Lane Bryant

For those of us who have a bit more curve, who don’t fit into the size zero through five, and who know that we should be looking just as fine as those who do, there seems to be fewer shopping options, fewer places to find what we want, whether we’re trying to stay on trend or following our personal sense of style. It can be discouraging to read that a model who wears a size 10 or 12 is considered a plus-size in the fashion world. How did this happen; how did women with hips or a natural décolletage become the “undesirable” figure?

Well, I think it’s nonsense, and thankfully a smart shopper can find the latest styles for any size if she knows where to shop: Lane Bryant. This store knows that a woman of any size or shape is beautiful, and Lane Bryant approaches each season with a close look at the best styles and silhouettes for your figure, not just for the ladies on the runway. Check out this Belted Denim Shirt Dress for a prime example:

Lane Bryant - Belted Denim Shirt Dress

Belted Denim Shirt Dress

This shirt dress is ready for work or a casual weekend in a dark denim rinse for a crossover blue-black color, the collared neckline offering a classy touch while the material and flirty hemline purrs, “fun-loving”! Like everything on Lane Bryant’s site right now, this dress is 40% off, a between-season sale (always the best time to shop) that runs until August 30, 2010. I’ll share the special savings code further along in this article, but in the meantime….

I’ve fallen in love with tank tops and camis for layering; so comfortable, so versatile, it’s easy to get dozens of dressed up and easygoing looks by combining one of these tops with a blazer, a button-down dress shirt or a cardigan. Here’s one for the fashion-savvy, the Animal Print Lace Trim Cami, a cleverly-designed double-whammy with the lacy look and an all-over animal print, shown in tones of black and gray but also available in “sugar berry”:

Lane Bryant - Animal Print Lace Trim Cami

Animal Print Lace Trim Cami

In fact, some styles at Lane Bryant might be ahead of the fashion curve! You’re familiar with the ombre coloring method, in which one color gradually fades into another, creating the illusion of flow and soft movement, and it’s quite beautiful when the colors are well chosen. However, I was excited to see a new twist on the concept with this Pintuck Hooded Plaid Dipped Tunic, combining the two style concepts of plaid and color-flow with a hooded button-down tunic-length top!

The pink and gray tunic is particularly dramatic, as shown below, but I really like the jewel tones in the purple one. And, here’s the thing — this tunic was originally $49.50, but it’s on sale for $29.99. You can still take another 40% off, bringing the price down to just $17.99!

Lane Bryant - Pintuck Hooded Plaid Dipped Tunic

Pintuck Hooded Plaid Dipped Tunic

As you can see, Lane Bryant wants every woman to feel lovely, celebrate your own shape, and give others the chance to appreciate your beauty. I think this Lace Body Suit, perfect for layering or for intimate evenings at home, makes Lane Bryant’s viewpoint on beauty abundantly clear, and a cami-style body suit without sleeves is also available if you’d like to offer a bit more of a tease:

Lane Bryant - Lace Body Suit

Lace Body Suit

Are you on the Lane Bryant email list? You should be, although you can also get the latest special offers and news about the newest styles by text message, receive notices by regular mail, or even get a phone call when exclusive deals are available. Remember, shop between today and August 30th for 40% off everything at Lane Bryant with the special code “000403603″, even for 200-plus items on clearance; what a deal!

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