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Nibbles and Bites at the Gourmet Food Store

After all of that back-to-school shopping last week, I thought you might be hungry for something different, something special. I found Gourmet Food Store quite by accident on ShopCompanion and found myself deeply impressed with their unusual selection of sweets and savories, focusing first on the special gourmet foods brought in from Italy, France and Spain. Don’t ever be overwhelmed by unusual names and new tastes — sausages and cheeses abound as well as vinegars and oils, fine chocolates, and many other choices for the true foodie as well as for those who just love a good nosh.

Real Italian Prosciutto di Parma, for example, a much lower fat alternative to bacon with tons of flavor and meatiness, can run as much as $20 for a half-pound, but Gourmet Food Store offers this at just $12. Use it in sandwiches or omelets, or as a substitute for bacon or salt pork in your next New England clam chowder, and remember, a little of this goes a long way.

Gourmet Food Store - Prosciutto Di Parma

Prosciutto Di Parma

As you know, there are two meanings for the word, “truffle”. One type is vaguely related to mushrooms and other fungi, while the other is a chocolate confection that melts in your mouth. On the other hand, if you’re clever enough to bring the two together, like Urbani Chocolate & Truffle Bonbons, you get a sense of double decadence with rich chocolate smoothness accented by the earthy scent and just a hint of the flavor of truffles. Both the white and dark chocolate varieties are currently 30% off; what a great opportunity to sample these treats!

Gourmet Food Store - Chocolate & Black Truffle Bonbons

Chocolate & Black Truffle Bonbons

From fully-stocked cheese boards to caviar samplers, the simplicity of delicious smoked salmon or the delicate flavors of foie gras and pate, there’s something for every taste, and if you feel just a bit too self-serving about buying something here for your own table, start with an inexpensive gift for someone else, like some Petits-Fours, or the Leonidas Belgian Chocolate Assortment at just $9.50.

Gourmet Food Store - Leonidas Belgian Chocolates

Leonidas Belgian Chocolates

As a member of the Gourmet Food Store Club, you’ll receive occasional member-only e-mail promotions and discounts. Additionally, when you sign up you’ll receive a 10% discount which you can use towards your next order, and membership is free. So is the printed catalog, if you’d like to receive one, as well as immediate updates when their fresh  truffles are in season — because Gourmet Food Store knows that customer service doesn’t end with “Thank you for your order!”

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